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What We Do

Commercial Feature Films Television Industrial Print Models
  • Radio
  • On Camera
  • Dayplayers
  • Extras
  • Dayplayers
  • Extras
  • Voice Over
  • Narrators
  • Dayplayers
  • Conventions
  • Promotions
  • Impersonators

Talent Payroll Service

Do not worry about union reports, tax withholding, insurance, or other hassles inherent in hiring personnel for a production. We will handle all AFTRA & SAG pension and welfare payments, unemployment, workmen’s compensation and taxes. We will file IRS forms and send year-end W2 forms. We also handle all vouchers and contracts. If there is an unemployment claim, it is our problem, not yours.

Audio and/or Video Casting Services

Our facilities allow us the capacity to hold both audio and video casting sessions on the premises.

Central Casting welcomes payment by